IPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony … Soon the end of the programmed obsolescence of smartphones?

Techno 4 July, 2017

Our smartphones could soon have a longer life … A law will be passed to encourage manufacturers to facilitate updates and repairs on smartphones deemed “obsolete”.

Updates are mandatory or even outright absent … We know, the mastodons of the market of smartphones are followers of these practices that make our smartphones unusable. We had already seen this recently with the iPhone 5 / 5c and iPad 4, incompatible with iOS 11. And to overcome this unfortunate trend, the European Parliament is passing a law regarding the scheduled obsolescence of smartphones and Other appliances. In concrete terms, this law should force manufacturers to “provide clear information on the compatibility of software upgrades and upgrades”. No more wooden tongue … The builders will not be able to do it backwards.

This news will put pressure on Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and others! The goal is to make the big changes made on our devices more easily reversible in case of compatibility and slowdowns, and that the new essential software remain operational for the previous versions. If iPhone, the headed smartphone that blew its 10th candle, tends to schedule forced updates that make older models unusable, it’s the reverse trend on Android smartphones, on which updates are downright missing, Pushing you to ruin the very last flagship. What do you think ?