IPhone SE, Honor 5C: Available at (very) low price at PriceMinister!

Techno 15 February, 2017

You want to buy a good smartphone cheap? Well, it’s possible. PriceMinister breaks the prices of iPhone SE and Honor 5C with its FEVRIER coupon. Smartphones have never been so accessible!
Who said it was hard to find good deals in this last week of winter sales? This person probably did not know the existence of PriceMinister. The merchant site today launches its FEVRIER coupon and offers us the opportunity to shopper many articles at the best price on the web , nothing else! And among the products that we really appreciated at the editorial office, the iPhone SE and the Honor 5C. These two smartphones have never been so affordable, so it would be really stupid to miss out on the Chinese device or device that has a better battery life than the iPhone 7 . In short, truce of blabla, here is what it does to (t ‘) offer a smartphone of quality at reduced price.
To be able to shopper these smartphones at the best price on the web, you just have to subscribe to PRICECLUB. What is it ? This cashback system reimburses you 5% of the amount of your order on the whole site. In short, you earn money by buying what you kiffes and it’s really cool. The more active you are, the more you are rewarded. And icing on the cake, membership is free and without commitment. Go, without further ado, discovers below the promotions around iPhone SE and Honor 5C.
IPhone SE
The small Apple smartphone (4 inches) has everything it takes to compete with the biggest. Practical considering its smallness and powerful thanks to its processor A9 with 2 cores, the iPhone SE can also boast of having a very nice autonomy. As if that was not enough, it is part of the iPhone that most resist the cold . And today, this device is available at only 365 euros with the FEVRIER coupon, here . If you buy it, PriceMinister reimburses you even 18.25 €, which says better?
Honor 5C
Honor has succeeded in marking the spirits by offering terminals with interesting performance / price reports. And the 5C is just the perfect example of what the Huawei subsidiary can do: a good 5.2-inch smartphone, well equipped, at less than € 200. And today, the Honor 5C is marketed at 154.99 € thanks to the coupon ROY10100 . It is almost 35 euros less than the best price on the web. So, what are you waiting for to sign up for PRICECLUB and take advantage of these tantalizing offers?