IPhone SE, iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy A5 … Which is the most resistant to the cold?

Techno 24 January, 2017

We are not alone in experiencing the cold weather this winter. Smartphones are also sensitive to low temperatures. But which of the iPhone SE, the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7 is the most resistant?
You have probably encountered this problem recently, your iPhone which seemed to have a good autonomy is extinguished at once, in your hands. It’s simple, your smartphone is as chilly as you … or almost. Low temperatures may “freeze” the battery of your device. But if all smartphones suffer the cold, each of them reacts differently. A cold resistance test was conducted in seven iOS and Android smartphones, including the iPhone OS, the Samsung Galaxy S7 7 and the iPhone or the Galaxy A5, whose 2017 version will soon be marketed . In your opinion, who is the most resistant? The answer may bluff you.
Media The Digital had a very interesting survey on the cold hardiness of these Android or iOS smartphones. It consisted in activating the airplane mode, looping a video with the same degree of brightness on the seven apparatuses which were subsequently placed in zones partitioned at different temperatures. And among the 7 tested smartphones, we found high ranges of like the Galaxy S7, the iPhone 7 or iPhone OS was recently promo. But also more affordable devices like the Galaxy A5, the Archos 50 Power or the ZTE Axon 7. all tested phones is the iPhone 7 seems to be the most resistant to cold. Nevertheless, it is advisable to store it warm in order to preserve it.