IPhone: The size of applications has increased by 1000% since the first model!

Techno 31 July, 2017

The more the generations are connected, the more our smartphones become powerful and need more memory. Since the first iPhone model, the size of applications has increased by 1000%!

It is far, the time when having storage memory on its smartphone was sometimes complicated! Our phones now have a capacity of several GB which can be extended thanks to micro SD (for Android anyway …). And while the iPhone 8, whose wireless recharge is confirmed through new photos, must see the light of day, a study relayed by BFMTV about the size of Apple’s smartphone applications has been conducted. The fact is rather simple: between the release of the first model and today, the size of applications of the App Store has increased by 1000%!

While previously an application could make 100 mo, they now easily reach more than one GB. What to ask for plenty of extra space to store the essentials. Several well-known users were taken for this study on the size of applications: Facebook, Uber, Gmail, Snapchat, Spotify, Messenger, Google Maps, YouTube, Instagram and Netflix. Classics often present in all smartphones. It remains to be seen if between the iPhone 8, which unveiled a new concept with unique lines, and the one that will come out in ten years, the size will have increased significantly (and it is a safe bet that … yes!)