IPhone: Two prototypes unveiled on Twitter by a former Apple

Techno 30 June, 2017

Ken Kocienda, a former employee of Apple, recently broadcast on Twitter the photo of two prototypes of iPhone never marketed … And it does not rejuvenate us.
Ten years ago, Apple released its first headed smartphone: the iPhone, the phone that revolutionized the history of the mobile forever. A former employee of the Cupertino firm, Ken Cocienda was in charge of designing the virtual keyboard before it was released in 2007, working on it until iOS 7. And a decade later, as the iPhone blows its tenth candle , It raises the veil on two prototypes of the apple smartphone, today unavoidable. These two old-fashioned versions, kitsch and never realized bear the code name of: Wallabies . What give us a hell of old …
It must be said, this photo does not rejuvenate at all the iPhone … The model on the left presents a design yet very rustic, not without remembering the first electronic agendas. The second, although equally crude, reminds us rather of the forms of the mobile Xperia. Kocienda finally left the firm of Tim Cook on May 5, after 16 years of loyal service. If these archaic versions of the iPhone, which recently unveiled the secrets of its birth , have never been commercialized, their resale could be worth thousands . And this, even if it is only artificial prototypes! It would not be without us remember the prototype of the iPhone 6, sold over $ 11,000 on eBay … What do you think?