Is in your palm lines? Here’s what it could mean for your love life

Techno 11 February, 2018

2018-01-01 21:06

Is in your palm lines? Here’s what it could mean for your love life
Palmistry is the art of predicting someone’s character or future, whereas the lines on the palm of your hand

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Long line of love that stretch across the palm

If your love line is long enough to reach both sides of your palm, then you may have to ask yourself: “do I love this man, because he sincerely contributes to my life, I love because he is in a difficult situation and it depends on me?”

People with a love line that reaches both sides of the palm, needs to monitor the problems of addiction as they may be forced guardians, reports Rus.Media.

Very short love line

If you’re on a date and you see someone with a very short love line that is not touching either side of the palm, you do not need to say too much. Most likely, they will have a conversation just talking about yourself.

These people tend to be selfish in a relationship.

Very deep, very straight line of love

People with a deep love and a direct line may be to check your phone. This deep line symbolizes their deep issues with jealousy and control.

These people can be some dangerous beliefs about power. Subconsciously they see the relationship as a controlling influence in his life, so they react, speaking out against their partners or trying to control them.

Wavy line of love

Deep love line is a pretty simple sign that someone with a high instability lives in your life.

A man with a long wavy line that touches both sides of the palm, indicates that emotionally unstable person, who is looking for partners who will care for them the same as a nurse or father.

The man with the short wavy line indicates a person who may not have a long-term relationship, and instead has many short unstable relationships.

Weak love line

Very faint line love is the sign of someone who is really not paying much attention to his emotional life. They can live quite alienated.

There is no line of love

There are those who have absolutely no love lines, and if you are one of those people, you don’t care, because you are ruthless.

Broken love line

If your love line looks like someone has removed the large pieces, making it similar to the old line on the map of the pirates, it’s a sign your love life specified your own moodiness and emotional stress.

Perhaps in early human life was some sort of emotional trauma, or it is strongly tied to the fear that can lead to big pains when it comes to romantic life and intimate relationships.