Is it harmful to eat soup?

Techno 26 March, 2018

2018-03-26 14:46

Is it harmful to eat soup?
On the Internet sometimes you can find conflicting opinions of experts. Who to believe?.

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Healthy and tasty soups and broths are simply necessary for those who care about their health. Vegetable soups are unmatched for its stimulating and preventive properties, according to the news, Ukrmedia.


Doctors recommend less there are soups for several reasons. For example, they indicate that the liquid during a meal dilutes the gastric juice, causing digestion much worse.

Verdict: Not bad

We expect that the doctor will tell us that here in America don’t eat soup and all the healthy.

But the gastroenterologist was surprised, saying that to abandon the soup is harmful. Because any broth, though meat, even vegetables — contains a lot of extractives. Some of them, as gelling agents in meat broth, useful for muscle and cartilage. Others stimulate the production of bile, and she, in turn, supports peristalsis, to waste time removed from the body. In the absence of soups to happen it will be worse. Constipation, fermentation, toxins. The picture is so-so.