Is it Okay to Let Primary Students Use Phones at School?

Techno 9 December, 2019

The use of phones at school has always been a controversial issue. Some parents believe that it’s detrimental to their child’s academic growth. Others believe that it’s essential for learning for this generation. If you’re a parent, you might wonder if it’s a good thing to allow your child to use their phone at school, or if the school needs to have a policy completely banning phone use.

Set specific goals 

Phones are still important, especially if the goal is to expand knowledge beyond what’s available in the class. The internet is a rich source of knowledge. However, it’s crucial to know what the child is viewing and to discuss the results of the research done. Otherwise, the child will get confused. It’s also easy to believe false information without proper guidance from the teacher. Therefore, if the school wants children to use phones at school, the policy needs to be clear, and teachers have to be more responsible in offering guidance.

Security reasons

Another reason why it’s not a good thing to completely ban the use of phones is that parents want to contact their children at any time. They want to know if their child is safe. If there’s a need to get picked up early due to an illness, the parent will know right away. If the parent forgot to pick the child up on time, the child would be aware of it through phone communication. Parents want to know that their child is okay, and direct communication is necessary.

Toys and other learning tools are still important

Although students learn a lot from their phones, it’s still important to get back to basics. Toys and other learning tools play a crucial role. Concrete objects are essential for children to boost their knowledge. Students shouldn’t just learn in abstract terms and theoretical concepts. Otherwise, the learning process becomes meaningless.

Children need protection

There’s nothing wrong with allowing phone use with proper guidance. However, it’s important that the child stays protected. The use of EMF protection is very important. It blocks radiation that could have a detrimental impact on your child’s health. It comes in many forms, such as jewellery or items to keep inside a bag. The point is that your child needs something to serve as protection against radiation.

Reminders are useful

Apart from protecting your child against radiation, you also need to offer constant reminders. Make sure that you tell your child to limit the number of hours spent using the phone. You have to do the same too. Otherwise, it’s difficult for you to tell your child to do it. It’s a struggle at first, especially if your child starts to get addicted. Eventually, it becomes a habit. If your child has issues with phone use, you need to communicate with their teacher. You have to talk to each other to provide proper guidance to your child and prevent addiction to phone use. Children still have a hard time controlling themselves, so your guidance, along with the teacher’s is very important.