Is it possible to work on Sunday and for whom it is not a sin

Techno 22 December, 2017

2017-02-12 20:38

Is it possible to work on Sunday and for whom it is not a sin
We all know that recalls God’s Third Commandment: “Remember the day of Holy respect.” And often on Sunday people go to work, because I have work in shifts.

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And some even forced to do hard physical work. Because of this and not go to the temple, reports Rus.Media.

Is this act a sin? What work can be done on Sunday, and what-not?

This will help us to understand father Taras
Fico, the priest archikatedralna St. George’s Cathedral, the Chairman of the Commission for family Affairs of the Lviv Archeparchy of the UGCC.

— “I remember the day the Holy respect” — the old Testament commandment therefore given to the Jewish people, – said father Taras. And indeed, according to Genesis, God created all around i on the seventh day rested. This day for Jewish people is Saturday. And Sunday is the first day of the week. I actually Saturday, they considered the crown of all creation. But there is another understanding of this. The fact that “God rested” means that He was comforted by the fact that we have created. And the most deserving of respect just man, created in the image and likeness of God.

— What’s the connection with the celebration of the resurrection of the Christians?

Very well — this word is transmitted in the Russian language — “Voskresenie”, that is, the memory of Christ’s resurrection. As you know, Christ is risen, according to the Jewish calendar, the first day of the week. In the Bible it is said several times. And this day, even to the Jews is Sunday.

When He created the world, man sinned, fell and rejected God. Therefore the Lord enters into human history through Jesus Christ, be born, live with us, die for us and, as the winner rises. That is why we celebrate Easter not just once a year, and every week, on Sundays. Therefore, Sunday of every week — it’s a big holiday, which is otherwise also called “little Easter.”

– That sin will be if we work on Sunday?

– Unlike old Testament times, Christianity brought a very different way and order, an example of love. Therefore, it is impossible to tell that the stitching — it is a heavy sin, and to watch TV or sit on the Internet 24 hours a day — not a sin. The Central event of the celebration of Sunday is the Eucharist. A Christian must come to the temple, to participate in the divine Liturgy. This is the most important. Everything else we need to discuss depending on the situation. For example, it is necessary to go to the medical worker who falls on duty on the job? Of course!

– But many work shifts. This means that performs heavy physical work?

— Here is the order of the state. In Catholic Austria, for example, all markets do not work on Sunday, and human labor is minimized.
Work only at enterprises with a continuous cycle, because they cannot be stopped. Our society is a little different. It’s a shame that call
himself a Christian state, and in return, the Sunday bazaars crowded with people. They work because there is a demand. Of course, what is given here
affects the financial interest. I believe that Sunday would have to work for a few major grocery stores and pharmacies. However,
now is the time to come and in the evening at the Liturgy. If people will do it — it’s very good for her soul.

– And if people, given the choice, all the same neglects for Sunday double salary, she is sinning?

— You know, if people will sit at home on the couch and watch TV, I would not say that her Sunday work at double the salary — it is a sin. Better to let him work for the family’s income. But if she deliberately does not go to the Liturgy, though I understand that this is important and goes to work, because there is a double pay-then Yes, it will be a sin.

– What kind of work on Sunday, you can perform, and what-not?

— Heavy physical labor for themselves is a sin. You cannot wash, clean, make repairs unless absolutely necessary (for example, a pipe burst and water flows), to Tinker in the garden. But it is not a sin to sew a button or turn on the washing machine. If we talk about the embroidery needle, which is so concerned about women, you can calm down. Once it was considered hard work, and now it’s like a hobby, therefore not a sin.

– And you can listen to music?

— Nowhere stated that listening to music is a sin. There is a commandment: “Loud fun in the time of fasting is not to produce”. Another 50 — 100 years it meant to listen to live music performed by musicians. Because there were no tapes, no discs. But in the modern sense is not a sin.

– And cooking also applies to heavy physical labor?

— Hungry man and quarrel in the family — worse. But if a man will not go to the Liturgy for what’s cooking to eat, then it is a sin. Anyway, if people could but didn’t come to the service of God, then it is sin. The weight is not measured as on scales. But this means that she deliberately refused the grace of God. Understand: God takes from her, and she deprives itself of a certain gift.