Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed in the country’s North In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

In Northern Israel a military fighter model F-16 crashed due to the use by the Syrian rebels of modern air defense systems. Due to the damage of the fighter, which led to its collapse, the crew had to eject.


In numerous media, there is evidence that Israeli military forces managed to intercept the drone, which was ruled by Iranian militants. In response to the violation of the airspace of the Israeli state, the military opened heavy fire on several “Iranian targets” in neighboring States. Note that the fighter models F-16 that was used in the attack on some areas of Syria, where the militants are based, was hit with anti-aircraft defense.

Jonathan Conicus, one of the representatives of the army spokesman, said that the plane was shot down in the Northern part of Israel, and the emergency circumstances have forced the crew to resort to a bailout. Jonathan affirmed that all crew members are safe.