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On Wednesday, Issa Doubmia is showing of two films : Dirty and kids and glue. The audience may not recognize him as the actor has lost weight between the two.

Chance of the calendar, brats and glue, two films in which plays Issa Doumbia, released on the same day. Yet they were shot during two periods quite distant : from 23 August to 4 October 2016 to brats, from 5 to 17 January 2017 for The glue. Most observers and fans of the comedian will notice this lapse of time of about four months the impressive physical transformation of Issa Doumbia.

In fact, as he revealed himself by posting pictures on his account Instagram, he has lost 23 pounds. In November 2016, as he put it : “This is now a month that I’m going to a minimum of two times per week in sport and today I feel the pleasure and the need… Thank you so much for your support and your messages “. A few days later, he added, photos to support it : “Go, we look at the transformation?! We put the same clothes… Change of power. Lifestyle, sport and especially the mind !!! -23 kg “. On the pictures you could see Issa Doumbia, in the same clothes to make the comparison more effective.

To achieve such a result, spectacular, the actor is put on a diet and actually done a lot of sport :boxing, weights, cardio, everything following the tips and methods of a personal coach. No doubt, at this time, Issa Doumbia runs at full speed.

Go we look at the transformation ?! We put the same clothes… Change of diet, lifestyle, sport and especially the mind !!!! –23kg #onlacherien #determination #issavsissa #justdoit

A publication shared by Issa Doumbia (@leinstadeissa) on 19 Nov. 2016 at 10h18 PST

@pacomeassi I am so happy today I got good news. I continue to go to my goal, while eating healthily and going to the sport !! I hurried up the video to try to summarize my session except at the end I am in actual speed #issavsissa #onlacherien #determination #justdoit thank you @david_coach

A publication shared by Issa Doumbia (@leinstadeissa) on 5 Dec. 2016 at 12h46 PST

@pacomeassi one more session, very intense, and the motivation is always the and yes, for those that follow I close my jacket #issavsissa #determination #onlacherien #justdoit

A publication shared by Issa Doumbia (@leinstadeissa) on 15 Dec. 2016 5h42 PST

When I tell you that I have changed my diet as well yes yes even me I’m shocked lol #issavsissa #determination #onlacherien #justdoit

A publication shared by Issa Doumbia (@leinstadeissa) on 15 Jan. 2017 at 1h26 PST

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