It changes the label and double the price

News 14 December, 2017
  • Marie-Eve Dumont

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 01:00

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 01:00

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    A shop well known of Laurier avenue in Montreal is changing the label of pants belonging to a local brand, to affix their own logo in doubling the price, without the consent of the designers.

    “We are very disappointed, we work hard to stand out and build awareness of our brand,” says Jacqueline Harris, co-owner with her sister of the brand in montreal I love Tyler Madison, whose labels have been removed.

    A dozen clients have noticed the trick in the shop is Very Chic styling, well known for its prom dresses at a good price, ” reports Ms. Harris.

    The latter confirms that she has indeed provided the shop is Very chic, but she was never given the authority to change the labels. Ms. Harris believes that almost 200 clothing for her mark to have been modified.

    “We have never given our consent, she [the owner of Chic] never told us that she was doing it,” says Ms. Harris, who, however, did not intend to file a complaint.

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    Éiquette unstitched

    One of the clients who complained had also contacted The Newspaper after they have found the same pants in a other business, and, this time, with the right logo.

    The Journal is thus also made it to the store Very chic pretending to be a consumer wishing to purchase the famous pants.

    Our journalist noticed that there were still a dozen blue trousers and black in a drawer near the entrance. Three other pairs of red were hanging on a stand at clothes in front of the wall, along with a few pairs of another model which are also from the brand I love Tyler Madison. The selling price had been reduced by half.

    “It’s going to be out of stock, but I hope they have your size. Everyone wants them, they are too beautiful “, has informed us the employee presents.

    This last has assured us on two occasions that the clothes were beautiful and property from the collection of the store, even when we pointed out that a wire protruded out of the pants and that the “false” label was half unstitched.

    Cancel orders

    I love Tyler Madison claims to have severed his business relationship with the Chic styling after having noticed the change of label. The trade flows so that what remains in stock.

    “Our sales representative visited the shop, she took photos of our pants without our labels and behind where our logo has been removed. We have decided to cancel all its orders, ” said Ms. Harris.

    The Newspaper has attempted by all means to talk to the owner of the boutique-Chic styling, Angelica Koinis, in order to have his version of the story. The latter was finally answered by a lawyer’s letter, complaining of harassment on our part, and requesting that the article not be published.

    It also mentions that the company is Very Chic styling is ” currently involved in trade negotiations with its suppliers on an issue that is strictly civil and private “.