It crosses the Pacific ocean “on the go” boat

News 8 July, 2017
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    In the life of every day, Guillaume Beaudoin produces programming for television, where his talent for taking beautiful photos.

    Vincent Larin

    Saturday, July 8, 2017 21:43

    Saturday, July 8, 2017 21:43

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    To be hitchhiking on the side of highways is an activity that is fairly well-known, but in the middle of the sea is much less. Yet it is the way that has chosen a Montreal to cross the Pacific ocean.

    “It is not always easy, even that I thought several times that I would not go further,” says Guillaume Beaudoin from Tahiti, where it is currently located.

    This trip should allow man of 34 years to achieve the capsules will be a means used by the inhabitants of these small islands to adapt to the effects of climate change.

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    This trip is an opportunity for Montrealers to make videos to educate people about climate change.

    “It is often forgotten, but these are the ones who are most affected by climate change with rising sea levels, and coral bleaching “, he explains.

    Several ways exist to find ships willing to take on board a seaman additional, ” explains Guillaume Beaudoin, who creates television programs in the life of every day.

    The Internet is his best friend. Especially sites that list the boat captains to the research staff. Otherwise, he is walking in the marinas, talk to the owners of boats or offer their services through advertisements that pin on bulletin boards.

    Yacht luxurious

    “The best thing is to start in Panama or in Mexico, because there are a lot of Europeans that go through there before crossing the Pacific “, explains Guillaume Beaudoin.

    Guillaume took off aboard a luxurious yacht of 65 feet in march. Since then, he has embarked on two other ships, including a cargo ship that carried people between the archipelago of the islands Tuamotu islands and Tahiti.

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    If Guillaume Beaudoin was able to travel on boats luxurious, this was not the case of the ocean liner on which he traveled to the islands the Tuamotu islands to Tahiti.

    “It had to be eight for each bed, there were cockroaches that were running around on the deck of the boat “, he says in effect that this experience had enabled to know the people of the place.

    For his journey, Guillaume Beaudoin drags with him four large bags which contain the material to make its films, including two drones and a skateboard to move around on land.

    “At sea, it doesn’t pose too much problem, but as soon as I landed I hurry to find a place to leave my bags “, rigole-t-il.

    He plans to return to Montreal by November, before the start of the cyclone season.