It has had an unfortunate tendency to run away from 15 years

News 19 March, 2018
  • Michael Nguyen

    Monday, 19 march, 2018 23:01

    Monday, 19 march, 2018 23:01

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    A violent pimp who forced a young. age 15 to work as a prostitute up to 900 times in three months taxable to a minimum of five years behind bars.

    “The victim was a runaway from a youth Centre. In the summer of 2013, she is a prostitute in Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary, ” said judge Patricia Compagnone, declaring guilty the accused, Samuel James, on Monday at the palais de justice of Montreal.

    Jacques, a father, a man of 36 years old, has been found guilty of a litany of charges related to prostitution, as well as robbery, threats, forgery and use of false, on a girl from Quebec.

    At the time, the younger. was dancing, sometimes naked in the national capital when she moved to Montreal, where she met the pimp. According to testimony heard at the trial, James is “come to the rescue,” the teenage girl was found in a dwelling infested with bed bugs.

    “The victim was almost homeless, she had no other resource than the accused,” said the magistrate.

    900 sex

    As the young woman was a minor, James, has made false identification papers and was then helped into prostitution. According to the evidence presented at trial, she could have a dozen clients on a daily basis.

    Over the three months of prostitution, it is therefore equivalent to approximately 900 sexual relations.

    “Jacques has been abused in this relationship “, commented the prosecutor to the Crown, Jean-François Roy.

    The teenager has also been a victim of violence, on the part of James, but also another pimp near the accused. On this occasion, she had been badly beaten and abandoned in a hotel room in Montreal.

    Leakage through the hidden money

    Her ordeal ended when she ran off with a little bit of money she had hidden in the air conditioner of the hotel room where she received clients.

    Since then, the woman continued prostitution and she was arrested for pimping. But this did not change the fate of James, who claimed, without success, his innocence throughout the trial.

    “It seeks to look its best and minimizes its involvement,” noted the judge.

    Just after the guilty verdict, James saw his bail revoked.

    His lawyer Alexandre Paradis has tried to argue that his client was a father of a young daughter and that he had always complied with its conditions in order to keep it in the open air by the sentence, but without success.

    “You are no longer presumed innocent,” said the judge to the accused.

    Samuel James will return to the court at the end of the month, for arguments on the sentence to impose. There is a risk of a minimum of five years in penitentiary.