It loses a second home in a forest fire

News 7 August, 2017
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    Sunday, August 6, 2017 18:10

    Sunday, August 6, 2017 18:17

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    FORT MCMURRAY | A man who had lost his home during the forest fire that has devastated Fort McMurray in Alberta last spring, has lost a second residence in the same circumstances in British Columbia, reported CBC News.

    Jason Schurman, who lives in a trailer in Fort McMurray waiting to be able to rebuild his home, lost his second home to Hanseville due to the fires that are ravaging British Columbia.

    In the case of the two houses, only the chimney is still standing after the passage of the flames.

    Mr. Schurman said to have been shaken by the loss of his second home. “The probability of seeing two homes in two provinces to be affected by forest fires should be close to zero. It is impossible to conceive before it happens”, he entrusted to the CBC.

    “A lot of it is cash. I would not want that to happen to that either,” added the host, who has a job in Fort McMurray.