It survives to a second attempted murder

News 5 February, 2018
  • PHOTO Agence QMI, Marc-Alain Trudeau
    The victim, 38-year-old was in the underground garage of the building when it was hit by a bullet.

    Axel Marchand-Lamothe

    Sunday, 4 February, 2018 22:07

    Sunday, 4 February, 2018 22:07

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    Man injured by gunshot in the underground parking of a building in the chemin Côte-des-Neiges Saturday, had already survived another murder attempt that occurred about three years.

    The individual, 38-year-old had been shot at least three shots in full afternoon on the rue Saint-Aubin in the district of Saint-Laurent in September 2014, according to our information.

    Saturday, the man would have this time been reached by at least one bullet in the back around 16 h while he was in the vicinity of his vehicle.

    The victim was in a stable condition and his life was no longer in danger Sunday.

    Building in a quiet

    Of the inhabitants of the building located near avenue Decelles, where occurred the second attempt to murder were in shock Sunday.

    “I’ve heard doors close loudly, and a woman who was screaming. I opened the door. I would not have had to, I could fall face-to-face with the shooter, ” says Gisèle Légaré, who lives in the building for more than 40 years.

    Like other tenants, she was always amazed at the drama that occurred a few meters from his apartment.

    “There has never been any problems in the building. This is the first time I see it. I almost fainted seeing the deployment, ” adds the lady.

    Ongoing investigation

    The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) began its work of investigation to determine the reasons for the aggression.

    “The state of health of the victim does not always meet with investigators,” said Jean-Pierre Brabant, spokesperson for the SPVM.

    In addition to the residents of the building they have encountered, the police were able to view the videos of the surveillance cameras. At least one suspect was reportedly seen leaving the scene and was still being sought, but police could not give more information on this topic.

    The individual would have already been in trouble with the police for various crimes ranging from possession of narcotics to armed aggression by way of a case of domestic violence and non-respect of conditions.

    – With the collaboration of Vincent Larin