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News 25 January, 2018
  • Photo Vincent Larin
    A Montreal police officer has fractured his arm Majiza Philips during his arrest in 2015. Last month, a judge concluded that the arrest was illegal.

    Vincent Larin

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 22:26

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 22:26

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    The case of a woman injured her arm during a police intervention could be studied again in the light of a judgment which is white, indicates the police ethics Commissioner.

    In a decision rendered in the municipal court last month, judge Katia Mouscardy has cleared Majiza Philips, 29 years, of all the accusations leveled against her for resisting his arrest, found to be illegal, in November 2014, to the output of a show in Montreal.

    The judge has severely criticized the work of police officers who had arrested, but also their testimony “contradictory” and their omission “surprising” in front of the court.

    However, these same agents had used an article of the law on the police not to have to testify before the police ethics Committee.

    New facts

    The court in charge of judging the police for their errors had thus rejected the complaint of Ms. Philips, in may 2016, in the absence of evidence of bad police behavior, and this was several months before they testify in the municipal court.

    This is why Ms. Philips now wants the ethics Commissioner to consider his case in light of the testimony of police officers.

    “There is no question of revenge. I just want that justice be rendered and that the police are accountable for their actions, ” she said Wednesday.

    “Without the testimony of the police officers, they dismissed his complaint, ethics. But he has been given because when the police came to testify in municipal court “, noted the president of the Centre for Research-Action on race relations, Fo Niemi, who shoulder the young woman in his steps.

    According to him, the public’s confidence in the police could be severely undermined if the commissioner was unaware of the request of Mrs. Philips.


    The police ethics Commissioner, Marc-André Dowd, excludes from the outset to reopen the record, but is said to be open to consider a new complaint, which would be a first since his appointment in march 2017. It must, however, present the facts, ” new “, he insisted.

    “Once the commissioner has decided in a folder, its work is done and [the opposite] would be problematic because people could come back a second, a third time,” said mr. Dowd.

    In the meantime the following procedures, Majiza Philips does not exclude sue the Montreal police Department to the civilian for compensation.