It will cross Canada and return to the race

News 8 August, 2017
  • Photo special collaboration, Caroline Lepage
    The rider nicknamed ” the legend “, Michel Gouin, begins his workout with warm-up exercises.

    Caroline Lepage

    Monday, 7 August 2017 23:19

    Monday, 7 August 2017 23:19

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    DRUMMONDVILLE | A “legend” of running trains to carry out a crazy project, cross Canada round-trip alternating between walking and running.

    “My double-crossing should be the pinnacle of my career,” says Michel Gouin, who has been practicing the race for the last 39 years.

    This ultrarunner short and walk about 5000 km per year in order to succeed in this feat, that he will fulfill upon his retirement, by about three years.

    The director of an aid organization for persons with disabilities, citizen advocacy, to become the first Quebecers to succeed in the feat, he says.

    The man, 57-year-old will devote a year to this cross-Canada trip round-trip. His journey of 14 000 km is already defined.

    Crazy idea

    He will have to leave Drummondville and will be heading to Newfoundland, then moved to British Columbia and finally back to the starting point.

    This time, Mr. Gouin wants to be surrounded by his supporters when he will start the race and crosses the finish line, in Drummondville.

    “When you get a nice pat on the back, it’s good for you ! “, expresses he.

    It remains to recruit the support team that will accompany them during this long journey, in a motor home.

    This crazy idea came to him while he finished his cross-Canada trip, in 2004.

    “It was memorable ! “exclaimed he.

    In April, Mr. Gouin was departed from Victoria, British Columbia, and had finished his race in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in September.

    Arrived at his destination, he was already ready to do it again.

    “Yet, when we finish a challenge it has often been wrong. I amused myself so much. The fun was gotten in the team, ” he says.

    At the end, he was traveling 60 miles per day instead of 50, without realizing it.

    Michel Gouin has competitions, which led up in Taiwan, in 2006.

    In 2013, he went on foot to a competition in Boston, with his backpack, shortly after the attacks of this marathon.

    His exploits always surprising the customs officials when crossing the border.

    “They call me the legend,” he says, laughing.

    Michel Gouin has won the world record, by 2015, to have run around 1793 km for 30 days on a treadmill. In his debut, he was running marathons in less than 3 hours It takes him about 4: 30 a.m. since it prioritizes the ultramarathons and races ” multi-day “, where endurance trumps speed.

    “Most of the riders of my generation are missing from the card due to injury “, he says.


    His greatest pride is to be able to last. “I’m still here, and I have fun doing it,” he continued.

    In Quebec, it compares its calibre to that of the comedian Patrice Godin. Mr. Gouin was surprised to bump into him during an ultramarathon.

    “It was a heavy smoker. It is a beautiful source of inspiration. All may ! “he concludes.