It would have put price on the head of a police officer

News 18 January, 2018
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    Anatoly Vdovin

    Michael Nguyen

    Thursday, 18 January, 2018 13:14

    Thursday, 18 January, 2018 21:41

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    A Montrealer accused of having put a price on the head of a police officer would have left enough traces to be pinched in the hand in the bag a few days later.

    “When the police went to the library where the ad has been put online and they have called the phone number associated with the announcement, they heard the cell of the accused to ring,” explained the attorney, Genevieve Rondeau-Dealer, Thursday, at the beginning of the trial of Anatoly Vdovin.

    The 48-year old man is accused of having, in April 2013, advised the murder of Ian Lafrenière, a well-known figure of the population, since he is the head of media relations for the Montreal police.

    According to the theory of the prosecution, Vdovin has posted two classified ads on the websites Craigslist and Adcentre.

    “Wanted dead “, said the notice with an attachment of a photo of the police officer during a press conference, with a red dot added to the front.

    A short description in terms which are insufficiently laudatory indicated a reward of $ 1,000, while adding that the death of the police officer is not worth more “. The text was signed in the name of the ” foundation for justice James Roszko “.

    The same day, a user alerted the police.

    “I was alerted at 1 am in the morning, if it is an emergency of life or death, it is called in the line of duty,” explained the sergente-detective Nadine Paoliello.

    Public library

    Quickly, the police have determined that the announcement had been sent out from the public Library of Westmount, on the island of Montreal. And looking at the images of surveillance cameras, they would have been able to notice the comings and goings of Vdovin.

    A few days after the release of the note, the police are presented to the library in an attempt to identify the suspect. It is at this point that an employee would have noticed that Vdovin was on the ground.

    “It was on a table, with his laptop “, has explained to Me Rondeau-Dealer.

    Vdovin, who has pleaded not guilty, was defended by the lawyer Fabio Dell’aquila. Judge Stephen Hamilton presiding over the trial.