Italian married to a nurse, who gave him her kidney : In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

A resident of the Italian city of Pisa Giacomo Skinazi married to a nurse Cinzia Stracquadanio, which several years ago became his kidney donor. The relationship of the newlyweds was legalized this past weekend.


The couple met five years ago, in a dialysis unit of a local hospital. There’s an Italian guy took a course of treatment for acute renal failure. Treatments Schinasi came three times a week, so he had enough time to get to know his future wife better.

Some time later it turned out that the Secretary of the local Jewish community, which is Skinazi, needs a kidney transplant. It turned out that on future wife was working with him on 99%. Kidney the patient is transplanted in July 2014.

The bride recalls how he first saw Giacomo. She told me that she instantly felt his concern. A long time girl got some fluids in him and during each session prayed for his health.