“It’s not me has never cost 210$ and I am not a moron” – François Lambert

News 15 March, 2018
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    If there is a topic that has powered all of the discussions over the past few days, it is one of a family of four who has struggled to make his grocery store with$ 210 per week. Some have found the amount correct, others are insurgents, saying that it was too much. Even François Lambert has put his grain of salt.

    “I’ve never done a grocery store of$ 210. It won’t cost that and I am not a moron”, has launched the rich business man in an interview with Denis Lévesque.

    François Lambert has gone out on social media with his bill to support to show that he can 50,61$ to be a grocery store for him and his two boys. The man said that he had received more than 2000 comments.

    “When I saw it (the article of Journal de Montréal). I said to myself: They do not know how to cook or don’t know how to make a grocery store. It costs me always at the bottom of 100 dollars for my teens and me and I eat four to five times per day. I take advantage of special in-store and I have to adapt,” says Mr. Lambert.

    Make choices

    “I make food choices, because I like to eat and I hate to know that a bell pepper,$ 2 the following week can be to$ 9. In this time I don’t buy it. If I had a tight budget, I would arrive with a$ 75 per week,” says the millionaire.

    Virginie Larivière of the Collective for a Quebec without poverty don’t see things eye to eye. It informs that the diet Dispensary, Montreal, was calculated according to the price index to the consumer that it costs 215$ per week to feed two adults or two children.

    “You are the giver lesson,” said Ms. Larivière in speaking to Francois Lambert. People in poverty are being told that they do not know how to cook, organize and make healthy choices.”

    “Gold, make healthy choices, it’s expensive,” continues Virginie Larivière. Buy fruits, vegetables, cheese, red meat. People are not idiots, they know how to cook. This is the income of the minimum wage, which does not allow them often to make these health food stores.”

    Many comments

    François Lambert has made several comments about his food choices. “People say to me that on my bill, there was no juice. The juice is almost a poison, eating fruits instead. That there are no grains, cereals, it is full of sugar, take from the oatmeal in place, it costs nothing. I make my choice based on the sugar in the food and me, I don’t take sugar.”

    “Unless the DPJ arrives at us, because I do not eat well, my children,” a pleasant half-François Lambert.