Its restaurants of putin are all the rage in China

News 7 August, 2017
  • Photos courtesy, Lung Liu
    The Montreal-native Lung Liu has founded four restaurants in China, in the Shanghai region, because the Quebec missed him. Its menu is composed of dishes of Quebec. It is the home of poutine, lasagna, and even shepherd’s pie.

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    Monday, 7 August 2017 06:30

    Monday, 7 August 2017 06:30

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    A restaurateur montreal native knows a lot of success in China with its typical dishes from quebec. There are now four restaurants in the Shanghai region and sells more than 1,600 poutines per year.

    Born in Montreal to parents of chinese origin, Lung Liu, 41 years old, went to live in China six years ago in the company of his wife and their son to reconnect with his roots.

    But here he was homesick. It therefore created the Hungry Lung”s Kitchen. It has based its menu on the cuisine of Quebec, which he lacked.

    Even the shepherd’s pie

    One thus finds there the traditional poutine, a breakfast of eggs and bacon, lasagna, and even shepherd’s pie. If putin made his fame, the Chinese have also adopted the other plates of his card.

    “I didn’t speak mandarin or read chinese, and I had no friends and no family in Shanghai, apart from my wife and my son. I felt alone and I was bored of Montreal. So I decided to design the dishes that I missed and that I could be discovered by the Chinese, ” he says.

    Bad cheese curds

    Because he loves poutine, Liu has taken the necessary steps to find the famous cheese curds. He came to it, but the inconsistency of its quality has convinced him to find a plan B.

    By dint of trial and error, he managed to successfully replace the “droppings” by a mixture of mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheese.

    “I think I’ve found the best compromise possible. I chose the mozzarella for its texture stringy and Monterey Jack for its strong taste of cheese to be effective, but not too powerful. There are even some Quebecers who tasted and said that it was better than some poutine in Quebec, ” he said.

    He had to modify the look of the cheese, it ensures that the French fries are crispy to perfection and accented with a sauce made of beef inspired of what is done in Quebec.

    Initially, the Chinese did not like the poutine, but for some reason that escapes Liu, she became one of his dishes to be sold over time.

    The success of the putin cheese is one of the reasons why there are now four restaurants.

    Recognized leader

    Born in Montreal in 1976, Lung Liu is the co-founder of the restaurant montrealers Soy with his sister Suzanne. First assigned to the customer service, it learned about the basics of the trade before moving to China.

    “I’ve always loved to cook for my family and my friends outside of work. My sister, who is a chief amazing, offered me a day to train me in the kitchen. I did not hesitate to accept his offer, and I immediately got the bug “, he says.