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The appearance of Bernadette Chirac at the funeral of Simone Veil has revived concern about his state of health, and the absence of her husband Jacques Chirac was also very commented…

The couple becomes more and more discreet. Jacques and Bernadette Chirac seem each day more and more weakened. It must be said that they are all struggling against the disease for now long months. The former first lady, who is now 84 years old, appeared, alone, at the funeral of the former minister Simone Veil, Wednesday, July 5. Seated throughout the ceremony, when the rest of the guests were standing up, but also very pale, she has rekindled public concerns about his state of health. Hard to know if she is sick, or if it is the fragility of her husband, and to watch over him night and day, which cause him concern.


As for Jacques Chirac, his last public appearance was in November 2014, at the musée du Quai Branly. It was shown at the side of François Hollande to attend the award ceremony of his foundation, Fondation Chirac, but had not uttered a word. The marked features and the face closed, it had attracted many comments. A year and a half later, it had been seen very affected at the funeral of his daughter, Laurence, in April 2016. At this time, the former president was forced to move in a wheelchair, because he was too weak to walk.


The disappearance of their eldest daughter at the age of 58 years, was for the couple a test very painful. Since that fateful day, Jacques and Bernadette have both been hospitalized on several occasions. James the first, in September 2016, when he was repatriated in emergency of his stay in Morocco for a pulmonary embolism. It will remain three weeks in the hospital. During this time, the rumor of his death circulated. Even Christine Boutin falls into the trap, and discusses the death of former head of State on his Twitter account. The climax of the scandal. The clan Chirac denies it, and to stick together. Since this episode disturbing,and the patriarch he is constantly under medical supervision. According to the latest official news, which date back all the same from December 2016, it would have taken the bull by the beast… But for more than six months, it is radio silence. Bernadette, she has also made two trips to the hospital in the fall of 2016, for a bronchitis ” severe enough, and extreme fatigue. In February 2017, its absence at the launch of the Operation Yellow Coins, for the first time since the creation of this event, had been widely discussed.


Today, the family Chirac and his loved ones leaves filter out that very little information on the health of the couple… A silence that only reinforced the general concern.

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