Jamie Oliver was forced to close a third of its restaurants in the UK : In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

The reason for this action is the need for the restructuring of credit lines of Oliver. World-famous chef thanks to television cooking shows has announced the termination 12 of 35 of its institutions throughout the country.


In accordance with a press release to the chain restaurants, offering dishes of Italian cuisine, the completion of certain institutions Jamie Oliver must raise the remaining cafes to set in this business level.

In addition, these conditions should contribute to increased profits and growth in popularity of restaurants, which depend largely on the wise lines of the Board, selected by the user.

It is estimated that due to the closure of 12 of Jamie’s Italian jobs will lose about 450 employees, while the senior managers of other restaurants of the famous chef will take responsibility for the beliefs of specialists in the need to reduce the rent.