Jean-François Lisée apologize for his “joke moved” on the mustache of Manon Massé

News 5 February, 2018
    The leader of the PQ, Jean-François Lisée

    Marie-Renée Grondin

    Monday, February 5, 2018 09:34

    Monday, February 5, 2018 10:43

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    The leader of the Parti québécois (PQ), Jean-François Lisée has published an update on its account Facebook to apologize for the allusion he has made to the mustache of Manon Massé, during the show The evening is still young, Sunday.

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    Entitled “Manon, the mo and me” this publication was designed to explain its intentions, and to offer an apology to those “who, not knowing, perhaps not in this context, thought that I was starting on its physical or its sexual orientation, which is obviously not the case,” he wrote.

    “Sunday night, at the show The evening is still young, the host, Jean-Phillppe Wauthier asked me what the tandem that I form with my vice-chief Véronique Hivon was different from the co-spokesperson for QS. On the bottom, I explained that the thing was different in several ways,” he explained.

    Then, the leader of the PQ said he had made this joke in the context of a “comedy show where the jokes flew between the hosts and the guests.”

    “I am allowed to do it, because I know very well that Manon assumes perfectly his appearance and has already said that it was sort of a “statement” that she did. […] It is because I knew that she — with whom I have served, particularly in a committee where we, together, gave more rights to transgender people — did not see his mustache as a taboo, but a statement, that I am allowed to address it,” said Mr. Lisée.

    He concluded by saying that it “asserts the inalienable right to do so, programs of humor, jokes, same flat”.

    He “admits”, however, that it was not “appropriate surely for a political leader, to evoke a physical trait that may be perceived as offensive. It is not me there will resume,” he promised.

    Listen to the joke in question: