Jean-François Lisée is an allusion to the mustache of Manon Massé and the canvas reacts

News 4 February, 2018

    Philippe Melbourne Dufour

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 18:59

    Sunday, February 4, 2018 19:05

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    During his appearance on the radio show, The evening is still young, Sunday, the leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée, made a joke with respect to Manon Massé, who has not been unanimous.

    In extolling the merits of his new vice-chief Véronique Hivon, Lisée has ironisé: “In addition, Véronique Hivon, unlike Manon, has no mustache”.

    Edifying: “Véronique (Hivon) in addition to in contrast to Manon (Massaged) it has no moustache,” explains Jean-François Lisée… 🤔
    #boos #polqc

    — Julian Royal (@julienroyal) February 4, 2018

    The joke has triggered the boos of the crowd, but the show has quickly resumed its course.

    The comment has not gone unnoticed on social networks.

    Lisée, who talks about doing politics differently for a minute before speaking about the mustache of Manon Massé. An intellectual told! #polqc @lasoiree

    — Charles Gagné (@CharlesGagne) February 4, 2018


    During the evening is still young, @JFLisee there is a reference to the mustache of @ManonMasse_Qs ? #polqc #AssNat

    — André Querry (@andrequerry) February 4, 2018


    Homophobia is intolerable.
    Apology Lisée PLEASE. #polqc

    — The Quebec untamed (@NeoRhino) February 4, 2018


    I think you need to apologize to someone, Jean-François Lisée.

    — Anarchopanda (@Anarchopanda) February 4, 2018


    Lisée has wanted to imitate #QS with @vhivon but the pranks homophobic of mononcle Lisée does not go through. @vhivon going to apologize before its use. #polqc

    — Jean-Yves Rousseau (@etisien) February 4, 2018


    Some have qualified the remark homophobic, while others have even demanded an apology from the leader of the PQ.