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Refuge in Corsica for the last several months, Jenifer practiced radio silence, leaving even led some people to believe that she was putting an end to his career… His manager history, Franck Veron, recently announced their separation and the entry of a new man in her life…

His blue eyes piercing had noticed, before she won the first Star Academy. For weeks, in front of his tv, he had allowed himself to be charmed by its freshness, its application to the work, this voice ” pop “. Jenifer was then a young Niçoise 18 years of age as it intersects in the middle of the square Place Massena and along the Promenade des Anglais. A small slip of a woman mounted in Paris to ” be a singer “, unglazed, but we still need to prune it for the glory. Successively press officer and project manager for the Epic, director of promotion for Wea and Warner Music France, then collaborator of Pascal Obispo, Franck Veron will not have a lack of intuition in proposing to him to become his manager.

At his side, Jenifer will become a true artist, popular. A wife, mom of two boys, Aaron (age 13) and Joseph (soon to be 3 years). A star, stalked by the paparazzi, overwhelmed by the weight of his fame. With the years, Frank had learned to bend. He organized the interviews of his protégé, at home, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Nearby, Jenifer had to do was cross the street. Stress, in times of stress, were éconduites with courtesy, but firmness. And station publications extreme ! She listened to him religiously. He saw it as his “little sister,” advised his looks, moving its musical directions, worried of the repercussions of such article on his son, calmed also sometimes its spin…

The artist and his manager have decided to end their relationship professional. Franck Veron announced on his page facebook, on Monday, July 3, on the strokes of 22 hours : It is not without a certain emotion that I inform you that Jenifer and I, after 16 years, have chosen to separate our roads. We will keep the memory of a long and beautiful journey, moments of crazy, as events, slice-of-life that does not belong only to us, and a deep affection that binds us forever. The one as the other, we need new adventures and new challenges. “

Challenges, Franck Veron will be identified. Among the most delicate : the separation of Jenifer with the musician Maxim Nucci, the father of his older brother Aaron, whom he also managed the career ; the passion of rock ‘ n ‘ roll of the young woman to Pascal Obispo, a former accomplice ; failure of her marriage with the actor Thierry Neuvic, the father of his younger brother, Joseph… For the singer and her manager, the most difficult of misadventures, however, this accident of the road, at the height of Senlis, in march last. Jenifer and Franck Veron returning from a concert in Brussels, when their van collided with another vehicle at the stop, lights off. Two individuals do not survive the collision. For Jenifer, often attempted to regain the anonymity, before being brought back to reason by his manager, this will be the drama too. A true breaking point in his career.

When asked about the state of the soul of the young woman, there is little yet, Franck Veron had failed to respond to us. No doubt to protect her, one last time. Continuing its activities of management with Christophe Willem, the mentor Jenifer a press release, always on its page facebook, the identity of the one who would be now : ” This is my friend, Thierry Saïd (manager of Matt Pokora, editor’s note) that takes the result and to whom I entrust the coming challenges and desires for my little sister. I wish them all the best for their new collaboration. “

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