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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017

The Voice kids

Jenifer is about to make his grand return on the antenna of TF1 where it will resume from the 26th of August, his role as a jury member in The Voice Kids. After several months of silence following the terrible accident that occurred during his tour and which had killed two people, the young singer will regain the spotlight.

The beginning of the year has been particularly difficult for Jenifer. Separated from Thierry Neuvic, the father of her second son, the singer has also suffered from the commercial failure of his last disc Paradise secret. But it is in march that the life of Jenifer has tipped over when the bus tour has suffered a terrible accident. If she came out physically unscathed from the shock, she remained very marked by the drama, and especially by the death of two people in the other vehicle involved in the accident. A trauma that had forced him to cancel his tour. It explained so on his page facebook :It is a mark of respect I owe to people directly affected by this accident. I also owe to my audience, it deserves that I give him the best and I am unable to do in such circumstances.

Very discreet for several months, Jenifer had preferred to isolate himself in his property in corsica with her children and her new lover. But her fans will soon have the pleasure to be able to applaud again. Not even a scene, the dates of a new tour have not been announced, but already on the tv where the young woman will resume very soon his role on the jury of the showThe Voice Kids. If the hearings to the blind have already been shot and are in the process of editing, Jenifer will be present live on TF1 on 16 and 23 September for the dissemination of the final. A return to life very progressive for the interpreter of My Revolution but nonetheless the sign of a desire to move forward and turn the page on this difficult period. Recently separated from her manager always Franck Veron, Jenifer, therefore, seems determined to open a new chapter of her life as an artist. It is everything we wished him.

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