Jennifer Abel wins bronze in three-metre springboard

Sport 21 July, 2017

Photo: Tibor Illyes / MTI via Associated Press
Jennifer Abel had also won bronze in 2011 in the three-metre springboard when it had still finished behind two Chinese.

Budapest — The Laval’s Jennifer Abel placed a hand on his second medal at the world aquatic championships, earning the bronze three-metre springboard, a race dominated once again by the divers chinese.


Monday, Abel had won the silver medal in synchro with Melissa Citrini-Beaulieu, also in the three-metre springboard.


Shi Tingmao, olympic champion and world champion, has won the upper-hand on the competition before her teammate Wang Han, giving China its ninth gold medal in a row in this race and a seventh in eleven races in a dive in Budapest up here. The last two finals of the discipline are presented Saturday.


Pamela Ware of Greenfield Park, was ranked sixth.


Abel had also won bronze in 2011 in the three-metre springboard when it had still finished behind two Chinese.


“These world championships are a great value for me, because it was my time to turn the page of the olympic Games, and I have done very well, said Abel, who finished at the foot of the podium in Rio de Janeiro last year. I’m really going to leave Budapest with a smile. This is my third dive that cost me the silver medal. But at the same time, I really did all I had to do to get a medal. I was strong from the first to the last dip and this is what has made that I finished on the third step of the podium. “


These global are not completed yet for Abel, as it will be of the test in the three-metre synchro mixed in the company of François Imbeau-Dulac, Saturday.


Draw of Canada


In water polo male, the canadian team is merely a tie of 6-6 against Brazil, which relegates to the fourth and last place in group B. The Canadians (0-1-2) will play now a match for the 13th position against an opponent who is not yet known.


The Repentignois Nicolas Constatin-Bicari, Matt Halajian, Reuel Mark D’souza, Aria Soleimanipak, George Torakis and Devon Russ Thumwood scored in the canadian camp.


Earlier in the day, Russia has again demonstrated his brilliance in synchronized swimming, winning the contest free by teams, its sixth gold medal in seven events.


The only false note was the money behind the Italy duo mixed technique, an event, non-olympic relatively new to which men can participate.


But Russia has won each of the six editions of the contest free by team for the world championships.


China and Ukraine completed the podium. The canadian team, comprised of Gabrielle Boisvert, Claudia Holzner, Gwendolyn McGuire, Marie-Lou Morin, Elizabeth Savard, Jacqueline Simoneau, Laurence Vézina and Kali Wong, finished seventh with a total of 88,800 points.