JO-2018 – Of the dog at the menu of restaurants, in spite of the reluctance of the authorities

News 8 February, 2018
  • AFP

    Thursday, February 8, 2018 06:26

    Thursday, February 8, 2018 06:26

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    Dog meat, that the south Korean authorities would like to ban for the duration of the Olympic games to Pyeongchang (9-25 February), continues to be served in the restaurants of the region, has recognized a responsible on Tuesday.

    The local authorities have asked the twelve restaurants of the county of Pyeongchang, using the dog to no longer include the red meat on their menus, in exchange for subsidies, but only two have accepted it, indicated to the AFP Lee Yong-bae, an official from the local government.

    “We received a lot of complaints from restaurateurs like how this is threatening their livelihood”, he explained. “Some of them have replaced the dog by a pig and have seen their sales collapse. They, therefore, are income to the sale of a dog.”

    The authorities of South Korea try regularly to convince the restaurants to remove meat from their menus during major international events. The country had, for example, prohibits the dishes of dog meat during the summer olympic games of Seoul in 1988, in order to avoid any negative publicity that could tarnish their Olympic games.

    Even if the tradition has declined greatly in recent years, South Koreans consume approximately a million dogs per year, the meat being deemed to have energizing virtues.