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Output with his father and former President of the Republic, Jean Sarkozy was the victim of a discomfort before reaching the summit of the Col du Canadel bike. A reason to worry ?

He has not seen the summit. Today, Thursday, August 04, in full ascent of the Col du Canadel, Jean Sarkozy was not able to go to the end of his effort. At around 10am, he has been the victim of a discomfort and was quickly taken care of by the fire department of the Rayol-Canadel, assisted by the SMUR. According to Var Matin, the lawyer of the law firm (Claude and Sarkozy was accompanied by his father at the time of the facts. A fright for the family of Sarkozy.

In the same way as the former President of the Republic when he had a malaise vagal in full jogging in the park of the château de Versailles in 2009, Jean Sarkozy was not able to complete this run the well-known former head of State, used to ride between the residence du Cap Nègre and the village of La Môle. Fan of sports, the two men like to talk and despite the scorching heat, they have straddled their bicycle for a ride.

Remains to know if it is for Jean Sarkozy a blow of pump passenger or a health problem more serious. It is not known even to the degree of severity of this malaise. This should a priori not prevent father and son from taking part in their favorite activity, and back on the road, on foot or by bike.

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