Just four dogs ready for adoption

News 17 December, 2017
  • Photo By Prisca Benoit
    Swifty is one of the only dogs that the volunteer from the SPCA of Montreal, Jessica Nichol was able to get out. It will be up for adoption on Monday with three other dogs.

    Prisca Benoit

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 19:39

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 19:39

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    Almost none of the 46 dogs that were to end up in meat canine in South Korea is ready to find a new family in Quebec.

    Only four dogs of the Montreal SPCA will be able to leave as planned their kennel on Monday.

    “These dogs recognize the people they rub shoulders with every day, and go to them, reports the media relations coordinator for the SPCA of Montreal, Anita Kapuscinska. They are also very motivated by food. “

    Among them, there are a Swifty, a dog of two years is immediately out of the lot.

    “He wanted to be paste only one day after his arrival, said a volunteer of the organization, Jessica Nichol. He loves to run from one end to the other of the court. “

    A sign that this dog asian is ready for a family in quebec, the behaviorist who has met him has even written in his report that he loved the snow.

    Afraid to go outside

    The other dogs are much less playful than Swifty.

    In Montreal, three did not dare to still not come out of the carrier in which they arrived. Their door remains open to help acclimate.

    “When the dogs that are ready will be left, it will give us even more time to socialize with more difficult cases,” says Mrs. Kapuscinska.

    Health problems

    Some have health problems complex, as Billy the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle, who has the jaw if crooked a tooth out of his mouth constantly.

    “Veterinarians have found that his palace was completely split, evidenced by the director-general, Corinne Gonzalez. It also has the legs very short because of bad knees. It looks like he is crouching down constantly. “

    This mixture of jindo and samoyed will have to stay several more weeks in its refuge, the time that veterinarians are how to heal his legs.

    The 16 pitous of the Montreal SPCA have been spayed and dewormed.

    Veterinarians and experts in canine behaviour have met to prepare families for what to expect.

    “Even those who are better are still very fearful. Then they need to find families without pets and without children, ” says Mrs. Kapuscinska. They are not good dogs for apartment, because they jappent a lot. “

    For a successful adoption, the new families will have to rely on positive reinforcement and patience.