Justin Trudeau: Canadians are more “disorganized” because of Quebec?

News 10 July, 2017
  • Archival Photo, QMI Agency
    Justin Trudeau participating in the celebrations of the national day of Quebec in the district of Villeray, in Montreal.

    Guillaume St-Pierre

    Monday, 10 July 2017 15:56

    Monday, 10 July 2017 15:56

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    OTTAWA | The blood “French” and “latin” flowing in the veins of the Canadians, made them a people “less organized” than others, according to the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

    At least that is what he has hinted in an exclusive interview with the Bild newspaper, the major newspaper of Germany, in the margins of the G20 summit which took place in Hamburg until Saturday.

    “Briefly, what do you think of Germany?”, has asked Mr. Trudeau to the reporter at the end of the discussion.

    The prime minister first congratulated the european country for its leadership role in the world economy and on the issue of climate change.

    “I was raised to love the German culture and its food. Even the red cabbage”, he then jokingly, stating that his father-in-law was born is Germany.

    Mr. Trudeau continued, adding that the German people is “can be” more “predictable”, before going back to and clarify his thought : “No, you’re more organized, perhaps, than what are able the Canadian.”

    “We have enough blood French and latin in the us to be less organized”, he finished by saying.

    “Cliché grotesque”

    For the Bloc québécois, the words of the prime minister convey a snapshot of the grotesque” on francophones.

    “Mr. Trudeau should stop being condescending with the people of quebec and francophones in Canada,” said mp Mario Beaulieu.

    Invited to respond, the office of the first minister argued that Mr. Trudeau “never wanted to miss of respect towards the French” in the country, stressing the “deep roots in Latin” that makes Canada more “dynamic”.