Justin Trudeau will go to the funeral of Barry Sherman

News 19 December, 2017
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    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 15:14

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 15:32

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    The prime minister Justin Trudeau will be heading to the funeral of the billionaire canadian Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, this Thursday.

    The prime minister’s office has confirmed this information Tuesday afternoon.

    The mystery is still hovering on their suspicious deaths. Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70, was found strangled in the basement of their home in Toronto last Friday.

    15th fortune in the country, Mr. Sherman is the founder of a large pharmaceutical company, Apotex. He is known for his generosity to many charitable causes. He has also participated in the financing of the liberal party of Canada.

    Mr. Trudeau said he is “saddened” by the deaths of the couple on Twitter in the last few days.