Justin’s gaffes: 8 times the prime minister has set foot in the dishes…

News 11 July, 2017
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    Étienne Paré

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 14:36

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 14:58

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    Justin Trudeau provoked the anger of many when he told a German newspaper that Canadians were less organized because of their origins in French and Latin.

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    However, this is not the first time that the prime minister sets foot in the dishes…

    Here are 8 other:

    Something against Alberta?

    1. In 2010, in an interview with Patrick Lagacé for the mavericks, Justin Trudeau attacked the Harper government, stating: “Canada is hard now because it’s Albertans who control our community agenda and social-democrat.” These words return to haunt him two years later when he became leader of the liberal Party and sow controversy in English Canada.

    2. The province is the most conservative part of the country does not seem to be in the good graces of the prime minister. On the 1st of July, Trudeau has created a slight cold among the crowd that converged in front of the Parliament in Ottawa for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of confederation. During his speech, he began to name all the provinces and territories of canada… except for Alberta! He will realize that he has forgotten a little later.


    Justin the bully

    3. Who does not remember the “elbowgate”? Last year, the prime minister is impatient in the room against a group of deputies who delayed the start of the parliamentary work. Justin Trudeau left his seat to go to the lecture. Striding purposefully, he hits the elbow, without wanting it, the new democrat mp Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who seems to utter a cry of doubler. Storm in a glass of water can be, but the video is relayed without judgment by the media and hurts the image a pacifist head of state.


    Admirer of dictatorships?

    4. In 2013, in full race for the federal liberal leadership, he will be flinching more when he tells admiringly of China “because of their dictatorial regime of base enables them to transform their economy in the blink of an eye.”

    5. Then, last November, Justin Trudeau mourns the death of Fidel Castro, writing on his Twitter account “that he was a leader larger than life” and that the cuban people owed him a great deal of social progress. The canadian prime minister will be forced to admit later that the ex-cuban leader was also a dictator.

    A bad joke about Ukraine

    6. In 2014, when asked about the War in Ukraine on the plateau everyone talks about it, he argues that the situation is worrying. “Especially as the Russians will be in a bad mood because of hockey”, he joked afterwards, referring to the elimination of the Russian team, with Finland at the Sochi Games. He will excuse afterwards.


    Justin, the separatist

    7. Pierre Eliott Trudeau is without doubt reviré in his grave when he heard his son declare in 2012 that it could help Quebec separate if it was no longer recognized in the values of Canada. Justin Trudeau will have to specify later that it is indeed “against the separation of Quebec.”

    Gilles, my love

    8. A piece of anthology: Justin who called Gilles Duceppe, “my love” rather than “my friend” in the middle of an exchange tense during an electoral debate. The slip of the tongue will get a good laugh with the two heads of party and will relax the atmosphere, for a time…