Karim Benzema tackled by Alvaro Morata

Sport 9 November, 2016

paul-pogba-equipe-de-france-but-danse-matchAlvaro Morata had fun comparing Diego Costa and Karim Benzema. The French do not wins.

Will we moving towards an open war between the two points of Real Madrid? Alvaro Morata seems in any case ready to open hostilities. Scalded by replacing its status despite better stats than Benzema, the Spanish international has launched a dig at his teammate on the Sexta : “I get along better with (Diego) Costa with Benzema … Because of the language. it includes everything I say, all the expressions he spent his whole life here. ” just limit your excuse Morata not? Especially when we know that Benzema arrived in Spain in 2009. Fortunately, the former player of Juventus also masters the language of wood (mandatory option for soccer players). He was immediately caught up by saying: “I have a good relationship with both.” Phew! We are reassured! Morata continued the Chelsea player: “Costa is a good person I have a good relationship with my teammates.”.

Morata is more effective than Benzema
Morata has really seum against Benzema. And for good reason. Spanish is the third most valuable player in Europe with a goal or an Assist every 68 minutes according to figures revealed by the Financial Times . In total, Morata has played 821 minutes this season for 8 goals and 4 assists . Benzema, he played 830 minutes and has scored “only” 5 goals and 2 assists issued. It is clear, the young 24-year-old is more effective than his teammate attack. Yet Zizou does not seem to take into account and grant all costs its confidence in KB9. We understand better the seum of Morata … A ire also: The stat that should comfort Benzema . Risk does one open warfare between Benzema and Morata?