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Entertainment, Techno 21 July, 2017

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Karl Lagerfeld, interviewed by the magazine Paris Match, has not hidden his enthusiasm for the presidential couple and in particular for the first lady, Brigitte Macron, that he even compares to the icon Brigitte Bardot.

The fashion designer 83-year-old has never mince words. Karl Lagerfeld is known for his projections fierce and sometimes vexantes. But when he loves, he loves. Interviewed this week by the magazine Paris Match, Karl Lagerfeld has shown to be very enthusiastic about the presidential couple. On Emmanuel Macron, the president of the Republic, he says : “I’ll tell you, me, the stranger : since it is there, in just over a month ago, the France is looked at differently. This wind of freshness, it has no price !” . The one who complained to Paris last year seems to find that the new chair, the fact re-radiate. On the first lady Brigitte Macron, called the kayser, not dried up not to praise : “abroad, since Brigitte Bardot, is what is most popular in France, it is Brigitte Macron. The most beautiful legs in Paris !“. It seems not to hold that against prefer to his wardrobe personal the fashion house louis Vuitton to that of which he is the artistic director since 1983, Chanel. Once again, proof is made that the first lady get along perfectly with the middle of the French fashion, and she is, without a doubt, its best ambassador.

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