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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017

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She is called Rebecca Priestley and it was at the service of the royal family, the duke and duchess of Cambridge and prince William for 10 years.

Kate Middleton, prince William, and their children George and Charlotte are on an official trip in Poland and Germany for a few days. Kensington Palace has announced thatthis tour will cover the cultural richness and geographical range of the two countries”, but this official visit will also be a turning point in the more intimate life of Kate Middleton since it will be the last of his private secretary, Rebecca Priestley, before she left officially his post in a few weeks.

The young 34 year old woman who has just married her fiancé Adam Priestley in the royal chapel of the palace of St James, which is reserved for those who have a direct link with the royal family, has decided to change her life after more than 10 years in the service of the royal family, 5 in exclusive relationship with Kate Middleton. After the official announcement of his resignation in march last, his employer had issued this statement : “Their Royal Highnesses are extremely grateful for his hard work and his strong support over the past ten years, they wish him good luck in the continuation of his career “.

Responsible for the organization of the programs and appointments and to inform Kate Middleton on the identity of her interlocutors, she accompanied the duchess of Cambridge at each event, ensuring in removing to ensure that everything goes well and wearing the gifts given by the public.

It is not yet known who will be his or her replacement.

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