Kazakhstan refused to show “Death of Stalin” : the World : Vladim

News 25 January, 2018

On the territory of Kazakhstan will not show the Western Comedy “Death to Stalin”. This was stated by the exhibitors.


The film “Stalin’s Death” will not be shown in Kazakhstan, because the tape refused the cinemas. According to available information, the original film wanted to show one chain of movie theatres, and one multiplex, but these plans did not materialize. The country Comedy has not received a distribution certificate.

A similar case in the Republic is not uniform, as is canceled to view movies that caused a scandal in Russia. Three years ago this situation occurred with “44” and “Interview”.

In Russia the show a British Comedy about the demise of the Kremlin dictator was supposed to go today, but two days before this the Ministry of culture revoked the rental license of the tape. MPs and cultural figures asking the head of Department Vladimir Medina not to let the movie in theaters.