Kazakhstan’s transition to Latin was horrified scientists and linguists In the World : Vladim

News 16 January, 2018

Adopted by Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev the decision on the transition from Cyrillic to Latin has aroused among linguists and scholars extensive criticism. According to the latter, the main complaint is the use of a large number of apostrophes.


At the moment Kazakhstan uses a modified variation of the Cyrillic alphabet, but Nazarbayev said that the Russian alphabet, it was decided to replace a new one based on Latin. The appropriate solution, however, causes serious problems, primarily with the classification, because it is not clear how to write the language, which is not available even its own alphabet, and he always used borrowed words.

The alphabet consists of 32 letters. Of these, nine are written with apostrophes. For example, the Republic of Kazakhstan is written as Qazaqstan Respy’bli’kasy, and a word like cherry s I I e, which is pronounced as “big”.

Our country is the main problem. If our President says something or writes on the napkin, then why should standing ovation, “said political analyst and member of the Commission on the reform of the language Aidos Sarym.