Kentucky man killed four people and was unable to live In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

In Kentucky, located on the territory of the United States, a man shot four people, then I could not continue to live. The local Sheriff has no evidence what motives could guide the killer.


Through the social network Facebook by the Sheriff’s office of Johnson County, pertaining to the state of Kentucky in the USA, reported about the perpetrator of the murder of four people. After the crime, a man could not live and died. The local police Department currently has no data regarding what motives led the offender during the Commission of the murders.

Reportedly, because of a notification about the shooting in the Northern part of Johnson County, police officers arrived at the scene. There they found the bodies of two people shot, while the shooter fled in a car in an unknown direction. The offender was wanted, and the search involved police around the state of Kentucky.

On the same day in the vicinity of the city Pastwill one of the houses was discovered the outlaw’s car. In the house were found three bodies without signs of life – two alleged victims of a wanted murderer and the body of the criminal.