Kerfuffle on highway 13: the victims and Quebec are negotiating for a compensation

News 14 March, 2018
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    Wednesday, march 14, 2018 10:22

    Wednesday, march 14, 2018 10:28

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    Then that points to the infamous bungling of highway 13, which occurred a year ago to the day that VAT News has learned that negotiations are ongoing between the drivers entered in the class action and the government of Quebec in view of a settlement.

    The lawyer who driver the folder, Marc-Antoine Cloutier announced in a press conference in Montreal, that motorists stuck in the storm, supported by their lawyers, have managed to put the pressure to come eventually to a settlement settlement concerning compensation.

    “Last Friday, when it was about to finalize the protocol and instances to fix the hearing for next fall, it was rather preferred to invite the government to accept a conference for an amicable settlement presided over by a judge of the superior Court to come to an amicable agreement,” said mr. Cloutier.

    “We think it is important that the compensation vienna quickly,” he added.

    Marc-Antoine Cloutier wished to clarify that the City of Montreal has “categorically denied” the holding of this conference-of-court settlement yesterday.

    “On the government side, the responses were more positive (…) and this was followed by a process of discussion that is constructive and that gives us hope for a settlement in this folder”, has explained to Me Cloutier.

    “We ask the government to work with us so that we can hear in the next few weeks on the final amounts to be paid to the victims”.

    If the request is not accepted, the applicants intend to apply again to the government and to the City of Montreal, asking them to reconsider their position. In case of refusal, a trial should take place next fall.