“Killed” Ukrainian press: a fighter from the PMC “Wagner” replied feykometam : In the World : Vladim

News 5 March, 2018

Revealed another fake Ukrainian press about the death of Russian
volunteers from the PMC “Wagner” in Syria.

Information portal Depo.ua with reference to the Ukrainian human rights activist Elena Vasilyeva
reports that as a result of the operation on 7 February under the Deir ez-Zor died
the Russian volunteer Alexei Milchakov, better known under the Callsign “Serb”.

Vasilyeva said that she had information about the death
Milchakova during an airstrike by the international coalition under US leadership. Is
note that this same Vasilyeva, which has repeatedly tripped up
when posting content about the Syrian campaign. It used to
an “expert”, when Stalin promoted the news about the 300 dead Russians
from PMC “Wagner.” Though the victims were much less mentioned by the Chairman
“League of veterans of military conflicts” Andrii Troshev and reported by German
portal Der Spiegel,
which has conducted an independent investigation. It at the time, “buried”
team Orenburg “Gazovik”, giving its members, who, of course, was in
safe and sound, for the dead Russians in the Donbas.

Not surprisingly, after the advent with the filing of the U.S.
On the death of “the Serb” he Milchakov in a short time suddenly came to life.
Alex wrote on his page in social network “Vkontakte” that all these
rumor – “another Ukrainian Peremoga wet fantasy, which is not
you should pay attention.”

It is worth noting that the story of the “Serb” like a blueprint
was taken from the recent publication of the Ukrainian media about the death of the fighter units
ISIS Hunters Malika Ahmed, who allegedly like Milchakov injured after
the airstrike, and then hanging out in the desert in search of help, came upon one of the posts
CAA, where he was taken to the hospital al-Skelbia. Only here both of these fighter
despite all the statements of the Ukrainian journalists was neither injured nor
more killed.

Reading like feykomety that comes to mind is the story of the famous
the militia of Donbass Vladimir “Vaha” Antonovym, who allegedly died in
the vicinity of the Euphrates. What was the surprise of the authors of this hearing, when under the post
about the death of Russian volunteers in social networks there was a comment from the
Wahi, where he reported that he was absolutely alive and quite healthy. Or
Russian Cossack Alexey Mitin, who allegedly also died during the bombing
under the Deir ez-Zor. Of course, he actually died in February, but not in
Syria, and in the Moscow infectious diseases hospital what employees say
hospitals and numerous medical reports that have appeared in

After the publication of the investigations of the German portal of Der Spiegel, the press covered
a new wave of fake news on PMCs “Wagner”, the authors of each of the
which are trying through lies and forgery to include the dead Russians all
new and new faces. After the appearance of such articles in the Network wants to answer all
again quote Andrew Troshev, whom the press called one of the leaders
PMC “Wagner”: “currently write On the forehead: in Syria killed 14 volunteers.”