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Sued by a company that accused him of having plundered the idea of the shell of mobile phone, Kim Kardashian is ready to rumble with these attacks.

This could cost him dearly. According to TMZ, the company Snap Light demands 100 million dollars to Kim Kardashian, suspected by the company of plagiarising his idea of the shell of the phone with an integrated lighting system. The so-called Hooshmand Harooni self-proclaimed holder of the patent of invention and has decided to assign the star of reality tv justice. The war is declared.

The creation has been patented by the company Snaplight, three years before that Kim Kardashian does not obtain the permission from the government to market its LuMee through his company, Kimsaprincess Inc. According to the american website, the promotional strength and reputation of the star would be detrimental to the sales of the model sold by Snap Light.

The black marble @Lumeecase is my new obsession! I designed the marble boxes!! Go to

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 3, 2016

Kim Kardashian was quick to respond, and his lawyer immediately, the lack of legitimacy of the attack. The us office of patents and trademarks has indeed authorized the LuMee of Kim Kardashian, which means that there are enough differences between the two products for the companion of Kanye West avoids the problems. She who has suffered an assault and a flight of nine million euros of jewelry, there are ten months does not seem here to stay.

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