KR Reykjavik vs SIK live streaming free: preview, prediction

Sport 29 June, 2017

KR Reykjavik (Isle) vs SIK (Fin) live streaming free
Forecast for the match KR Reykjavik (Isle) – SIK (Fin)

June 29 at 22:15 in Reykjavik at the stadium “KR-VELLUR” KR Reykjavik in the first leg of the 1/8 finals of the qualification of the League of Europe, will host the Finnish SIK.

KR Reykjavik (Isle) vs SIK (Fin) preview,
The championship of Iceland is in full swing, after 9 rounds the Reykjavik KR with 11 points and the difference of balls 13-15 takes 7 place in it. The current results of “KR-ingar” are inferior to their previous season, when they became bronze medalists. In 2017, Reykjavik in his field had already had 13 fights, having won 7 victories, with 4 draws and two defeats. True, it should be noted that the series without victories in their field reached the mark of 3 games and lasts from May 28.

KR Reykjavik (Isle) vs SIK (Fin) prediction
The championship of Finland is also in full swing, after 16 rounds SIK with 19 points and goal difference of 18-24 takes the position in table 7. Although in 2016 the team became the bronze medalist of the championship. At the exit this season, SIK held 11 meetings, won 4 wins, twice tied and lost 5 fights.

Earlier KR Reykjavik and SIK did not meet, both teams are now actively playing in their championships, although the results of the clubs are not very impressive. Before the match, the clubs look completely equal, so the home stadium can play a decisive role in the fourth match. Bet: Reykjavik KR will not lose – F1 (0).