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Sport 24 November, 2016

krasnodar-vs-salzburgKrasnodar vs Salzburg live stream online
Forecast for the match Krasnodar – Salzburg

November 24, 2016 at 21:00, the program will continue to 5 round group stage of the Europa League match at the stadium “Kuban” Krasnodar where a local play against Salzburg.

Krasnodar vs Salzburg preview

Victory in the extreme tour of Urals 3: 0 and became the sixth in the current championship, as well as a series of extended bezproigryshnuyu Krasnodar to 9 games in a row. Thus, after 14 rounds of the championship from the start, the “bulls” scored 24 points with a total score of 20:10 and took the 5 place in the standings. In European competition Krasnodar started very well, which defeated Salzburg 0: 1 Nice and 5: 2, but two defeats by Schalke 0: 1 and 2: 0, questioned Krasnodar passage in the playoffs.

Krasnodar vs Salzburg prediction
As one of the most successful clubs in Austria, Salzburg in this championship has not started in the best way, but it does not prevent the team to be one of the favorites and the Bundesliga leaders. Having played in 15 rounds this season, Salzburg scored 28 points and occupies 3 place in the standings, where the gap with the leaders of the championship – 2 points. So far, the only victory in the fourth round of the Europa League, brought the test points in the current campaign for Salzburg, and therefore, respectively, and the chances to reach the playoffs is very low.

Between these two teams at the moment it was played only one match, which, as is known, ended with the victory of Krasnodar 0: 1. Krasnodar, in the fight, acted in more number two, holding an opponent under pressure due to its counter thrusts, which actually allowed to win a minimum win the match. In the coming fight Krasnodar needed only a victory, and it will display only team in the play-off round. Bet on the match: A1.