KSafe Time lock Safe: The box that unlocks as soon as you fill a lens!

Techno 19 May, 2017

Are you a greedy guy? This box will help you set goals and hold them! Yes, it only opens if you have held your bet!
Have you just returned to sports and are you already eyeing your box of cookies? Uh uh! You’ll have to wait a little. This box will only open if you carry out your objectives well! To do this, program it according to the number of calories you have to lose per hour, the number of hours to taffer partials, the time devoted to the chores or simply … at the time of the snack. Couple that your balance connected that scans your body of athlete in becoming and targets your performances and you will be at the top of your form for this summer! If your cute shot is the PS4, the crap or your blue card, kSafe Time Lock Safe box will gladly welcome your controller, your package or your mastercard. So you have no excuse for not making any effort!
This box is available in different colors to suit your interior: white, blue, red, green, pink … Its walls are three times stronger than those of a classic plastic box and its battery can hold up to six months. A more advanced version proposed an app to follow your progress from your smartphone. There is no trace of the app for the current version. It is unclear whether the idea was postponed or abandoned. KSafe was born thanks to the crowdfunding on Kickstarter, like Jelly, the smallest smartphone in the world . If funding was finally abandoned along the way, despite the more than $ 90,000 raised, the basic version of kSafe has been on sale for two years for $ 49 for the medium size.