Lacrim released from prison, he teases his return with this text

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

Lacrim continues to tease his return, this time with a text that will make talk about him. All the details right away!
Lacrim, the stage for his return Tickets are already on sale , is known and recognized for its striking texts, its effective prods and his intrepid flow. If he is often considered one of the masters of French rap, he is definitely one of the major figures of the current rap in the hexagon. Since his release from prison last November, the rapper keeps teaser his return to the front of the stage and yesterday he was publishing an excerpt of a text that will greatly impatient his fans!
In a publication Instagram , the rapper released the photo of two wolves fighting in full, with the caption in his post: “Ah fuzzy C is the pact of the wolves is n’se not smoke between us But you know that it did? The pennies that make them crazy Once in front of the bag … full that forget everything ….! ” This may well be the words of his next piece . But the most important information in this message is that present in the hashtag # IlNeResteMemePas15jours … In less than two weeks, so we will be able to discover what the rapper we reserve for his return! If the rumors of a possible collaboration between PNL and Lacrim , one thing is certain is that the interpreter of Corleone prepares heavy, very heavy! So ready for the return of Lacrim?