Large burnt, she poses in a sexy outfit

News 11 December, 2017
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    Monday, December 11, 2017 21:43

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    A young woman from the region of Québec has decided to pose for photos in sexy outfit despite many scars due to burns.

    Stéphanie Masson was burned on over 45 percent of his body during a car accident in 1996. She was then 14 years old.

    “The driver did a hit-and-run. It crashed to 185 km/h (…) As I lost consciousness before the impact, I was taken in the car, attached to the front”, she told in interview to the program “Denis Lévesque”.

    “When the police arrived, there had already been a first explosion under my bench (…) The agents I have finally emerged from the car that exploded 20 seconds later.”

    The young woman, now aged 35, tells us that the first time had been difficult for her.

    “I had burns over to the rear of the back. I have undergone two major operations for skin grafts,” she pointed out.

    She wondered then how she would be able to “live” with such scars.

    She eventually tame his difference, until you dare to pose for a few photos for the magazine “Ultimate”.

    “It was a personal challenge. I am often imposed barriers in my life by telling me that the answer would always be no and that the doors would be all the time closed,” she said.

    “I didn’t want to reach 60 with the regret of never at least have tried my luck.”

    Stéphanie Masson ensures that this photo session gave him even “more confidence”.

    “And it demonstrates that the difference may have its place. I hope that it will show all the other people who live with a difference that they have the audacity to do that.”