Las Palmas vs Barcelona live streaming free: preview, prediction

Sport 14 May, 2017

Las Palmas vs Barcelona live streaming free
Forecast for the match Las Palmas – Barcelona

May 14, 2017 at 21:00, will be the next match of the 37 round of the Example of Spain, in which the stadium “Gran Canaria” on a visit to the local Las Palmas will come the Catalan Barcelona.

Powerful start this season turned for Las Palmas deep and protracted crisis at the finish of the championship. In the course of the season, Las Palmas remembered the high scoring performances, but as a result of the “pass-through” game on the defensive, he remains at the bottom of the standings, having written to his account 39 points for 36 matches. For the upcoming match, Las Palmas fits with three defeats in a row and a series of five losing games in a row, playing the last three meetings with a total score of 0: 9.

Already in the old habit of Barcelona to the finish line of the campaign fits in the role of leader and favorite of the championship of Spain. Despite the best in the league game form – five consecutive wins, and also ranked 1st in the standings, Barcelona still remains behind the capital’s Real Madrid, which with the same number of points remains with one game in reserve. I also want to note that in addition to the match with Las Palmas, the “Catalans” have to play against Abar, but if I do not doubt in the victory over Las Palmas, then the “gunsmiths” are able to compete for points.

The history of confrontation between Las Palmas and Barcelona remains with a total advantage in favor of the latter. Let me remind you that in the match of the first round of the championship of Spain, Barca in his field to the nines broke Las Palmas with a score of 5: 0. Las Palmas, breaking away from the relegation zone by 12 points, ensured the preservation of the propiska for the next season. If Barca does not win the championship, then even a victory in the Cup of the King, is unlikely to block the grief of her fans. The rate: ф2 -2.5